About Us

Roadrunner Food Bank of New Mexico has been serving New Mexico’s hungry since 1980 thanks to a vision by founder Reverend Titus Scholl.  Reverend Scholl started the organization by distributing food to the hungry out of the trunk of a car.

From those humble beginnings much has changed in Roadrunner’s 30+ year history.  The Food Bank has had three different homes (a building on Edith Blvd., an old potato chip factory on Baylor, and currently a renovated food distribution facility on Office Blvd.).

But the one thing that hasn’t changed in our 30 year history is our service to the hungry people in our community.  Thirty years later we and our partners are leaders in creating solutions to end hunger in New Mexico.  As the largest Food Bank in the state, we distribute more than 33 million pounds every year to a network of hundreds of partner agencies and four regional food banks.  In turn, these agencies provide food directly to the hungry in our communities across the state.  Agencies we serve include food pantries, shelters, schools, group homes, soup kitchens, low-income senior housing sites, and regional food banks.

Through that network, we are helping nearly 70,000 different hungry people in our state weekly.  That figure is equivalent to feeding a city the size of Santa Fe every single week.

In addition to distributing food through partner agencies, Roadrunner Food Bank runs several direct service programs to help end hunger in New Mexico.  You can review the brief description of each program by visiting Our Programs, or for detailed information about the programs. view our fact sheets.

Roadrunner Food Bank employees were asked What do you like best about working for this organization?  Here are some of the comments made:

"My supervisor encourages new ideas."                         
"Team work, I believe is one of our strengths.  Trust in each other."                    
"A dedicated staff, up to date resources, and a clear mission"
"I enjoy seeing my co-workers put forth hard work and dedication on behalf of this organization."        
"When there are problems we work well as a team to fix them." 
"We really care about both the community and our people."
"A sense of pride in helping reach those who are in need of food."                  
"The mission to end hunger in New Mexico."

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